Margaret has a rare capacity for presence and listening -- rare even in the healing/helping professions.  She is present with such calm and depth.  I always felt supported but I also felt like I had my own space to experience my process free of judgement.  And Margaret's meditator-like state of mind helped me access that state in myself.  It was such a blessing to work with her.  She touched my life.  --  Ellen

Margaret is a nurturing advisor that educates and assists beautifully. -- Kim

Margaret's most profound quality is her unconditional love.  Regardless of life circumstances, she has shown time and time again that true loving nature can't be tainted.  Her example inspired me to take on this quality in my own life. -- Taylor

Margaret's extensive knowledge and training combined with her personal experience and deeply compassionate heart make her a gifted healer whom I highly recommend. -- Michelle

Impressed by her professionalism, positive attitude and the way that Margaret supported me in talking about my fears; often, simply talking about them would make them disappear, so it was fantastic to have an objective, experienced, non-judgmental person with whom to share my thoughts. -- Justine

Margaret helped me relieve stress and now I'm extremely happy.  -- Hannah

Margaret practices with meticulous care and love.  In her practice, she seems to be able to unify many areas of alternative care, medicine, & spirituality to produce a unique and uplifting experience.  Margaret is an amazing person who practices from the heart.  I would absolutely recommend her. -- Christal


After searching non-stop for months for a natural and holistic provider, I finally found a supportive environment to have my child.  I thoroughly enjoyed my time with Margaret.  She was so knowledgeable and her energy was so uplifting and supportive.  Her knowledge of holistic care and expertise in homeopathy made her an indispensable asset to my pregnancy; her honesty and dependability made her my friend. Margaret was there every step of the way, guiding and supporting my physically and emotionally in my terrifying time of transition into motherhood.  She helped me stave off postpartum depression with herbs and tinctures and cared not only about my physical health, but put a very large emphasis on my mental health as well.  I can honestly say that I wouldn't be who I am today without her help.  It is my absolute pleasure to recommend Margaret Burns as a practitioner.  -- Meg

Margaret was thoughtful, timely, patient, insightful, possessed a deep inner calm, and followed our session up with great advice. She held a beautiful sacred space into which I could express, then begin to release the baggage I had brought along. -- Eileen

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